Raising capital is one of the most difficult & critical tasks facing a business. The ability to raise capital can determine success or failure. Sources of financing include friends and relatives, individual investors, pension funds, insurance companies, small business investment companies, venture capital firms, governmental agencies and public securities markets. Raising capital also brings into play a complex system of state and federal securities law provisions. An effective guide to these provisions is essential.

Carlile Patchen & Murphy aids its clients through this process. We possess a thorough technical knowledge of the securities laws, creativity in structuring transactions experience in negotiating transactions, and a positive attitude towards making a deal. We advise clients on all aspects of financing of business activities from private placements to venture capital financing to initial and secondary public offerings. We also advise clients regarding the ongoing activities of issuers, including Form 10-Ks, proxy statements and beneficial ownership reporting, as well as broker/dealer, investment advisor and franchise registration and compliance.