Our Legal Minute
A series of useful, concise thoughts, tips and ideas that can help you and your business.
Disregarded Entities
As a business owner, would you like to increase protection against personal liability without complicating tax matters?  PDF  Real Audio

Increase Your Odds
Over half of new businesses fail within the first five years because most were not adequately capitalized.  PDF  Real Audio

Time to Start Building Your Financial Future?
Good planning, good management and good advice make a great foundation on which to build future financial security.  PDF  Real Audio
Arbitration is popular because it can be cost efficient and effective, but, arbitration can also be a double-edged sword.  PDF Real Audio

I Hate Lawyers!
For most people, the legal system is uncharted waters. They simply don't understand how the legal system works.  PDF  Real Audio

Shhh, it's a Secret?
Stamping a document Confidential or using a password only do so much.  PDF  Real Audio