Cornerstone Title Agency
33 N. Grant St., Suite 210  Columbus, OH 43215Phone 1-800-883-3506 Fax 614-545-3301
Marc A. Zipser, Vice President Chris Furrow, Vice President

Cornerstone Title Agency, LLC provides full title insurance services for all title work, closings, escrow services, 1031 tax free exchange services, and all general title and search services through its underwriters Chicago Title Insurance Company and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, two of the main title insurance companies in the United States. Cornerstone is owned by the law firm of Carlile Patchen & Murphy LLP, and the title agency and the law firm have been involved in issuing title insurance since 1970. The title insurance has been handled exclusively by Cornerstone since approximately 1976. The portion of the premium and other charges received by Cornerstone are paid to the law firm.

Ohio is a "filed rate" state so that almost all premiums and title charges are filed and approved by the State of Ohio, and are almost identical between all companies. Cornerstone prides itself on personal relationships and service. Our licensed agents are Craig M. Stewart, James R. Moats, John P. Wilkerson, Jr., Sandra H. Bresler and Jennifer L. Poulson.